Easy Way to Make a Number 80 Birthday Cake - 80th Birthday Ideas

Easy Way to Make a Number 80 Birthday Cake

Who doesn’t love birthday cake? And home-made birthday cakes always have the best flavor – and are more appreciated because they’re a labor of love!

A cake shaped in the number “80” is sure to be a show-stopper at your 80th birthday party. Check out this easy way to make number 80 birthday cake.

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How to Make a Number 80 Cake Without a Special Pan

Birthday Cake Decorating Ideas - You don't need a  special pan to make a number-shaped cake.  Click to see how to make number cakes with ordinary pans!

This handy diagram from Cake Central shows how easy it is to make a number 80 cake just by using round and square cake pans.

Since you’re baking 2 different number cakes, you might want to use 2 different flavors for the cakes…it’ll be fun for the guests to choose which cake they want!

They use 6″ cake pans, but you could use other sizes if that’s what you have. (Although you’ll want to make sure that you have something large enough to hold the finished cake!)

To make a finished two-layer cake, you’ll need 6 round cakes without a center and 2 square cakes.

To make the cakes without the center, you can either put an empty greased can inside the empty cake pan and then pour the cake batter around it, or you can use a can or bowl as a template to cut the center of the cake out after baking.

Then just assemble the cake as shown in the diagram and decorate as desired.

You can also watch this video for more information.

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