Cheers to 80 Years Party Theme Guide - Impressive but Easy Party Plan

Cheers to 80 Years Party Theme

If you're looking for  fun and festive - and easy - 80th birthday party ideas, check out this cheerful Cheers to 80 Years party theme.  You'll be amazed at how simple it is to throw a memorable celebration!

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Cheers to 80 Years Party Invitations

Start your party off in style with impressive 80th birthday party invitations!   These fun "Cheers to 80 Years" invites will let your guests know that there's a fabulous celebration coming up soon.

80th birthday invitations - Fun number 80 birthday invitations are sure to impress your guests!

Your guests will be sure to know it's a special celebration when they open these unique number 80 shaped party invitations.  

Cheers to 80 Years Party Decorations

Style your party with festive "Cheers to 80 Years" decorations.  It's easy to find balloons, pom-poms and other party decorations to match the colorful black and gold scheme.

Cheers to 80 Years Banners

Cheers to 80 years banner and pom pom set is an elegant - and affordable - 80th birthday party decoration set.

Delightful all-in-one banner and pom pom set from Amazon is  a quick way to add an impressive pop of color to your party.  Hang the banner over the dessert or gift table, or use it as a all backdrop.  It also looks wonderful hanging from the mantle...or you could hang it from the front of your dessert table.

 Yard Decorations

Although entirely optional, yard decorations are a marvelous way to welcome your guests to the party.  They also make it easy for guests to find the house or party venue.  

80th Birthday yard decorations - Cheerful personalized sign is a festive way to greet guests to your party!


This fabulous personalized 80th birthday yard sign from Amazon is such a vibrant way to welcome guests to the celebration!  The versatile sign looks great in the front yard, next to (or even on) the front door, or as an indoor sign on the gift or dessert table.

Happy 80th Birthday yard sign is the perfect way to let everyone know that someone special is turning 80!

Sure to be noticed, these black and gold oversized cutouts set the tone for an amazing celebration!  Each letter and cupcake comes with its own individual stakes, so you can easily arrange the decorations in your yard any way you like. 

80th birthday yard decorations - colorful number 80 signs are perfect for lining the driveway or sidewalk. A wonderful way to greet guests to a fabulous 80th birthday party!

Show your guests the path to the party with these delightful 11.5" tall number 80 yard signs.  Perfect for lining the driveway or sidewalk, or place them along the edge of your front porch.

 Table Decorations

For a milestone event like this, you'll want to use plenty of number 80 decorations on the tables.   If you're the creative sort, try making some of the photo centerpieces described here - your guests will love seeing all the pictures of the guest of honor!  

80th birthday centerpiece and table decoration kit - such an easy and stylish way to decorate for an 80th birthday party!

It's so easy for you to set an impressive table with these easy-to-use 80th birthday centerpieces Form the long piece into a box (fabulous for holding a flower vase), or spread it out full length for a longer table.

The kit includes 2 double-sided personalized scalloped centerpieces, as well as ​36 confetti circles in 2 sizes.  The confetti circles look fabulously festive scattered on the table, or you can be creative and use them as cupcake toppers, gift tags, or straw decorations.

Add a festive touch of glamour - without spending a fortune - with this sparkly number 80 table centerpiece from Amazon.  Be sure to check out the  matching balloons and paper goods for this design.

Planning an 80th birthday party? Be sure to have some of these festive number 80 cutouts...they're perfect for adding to centerpieces or vases. You can also hang them from the ceiling or scatter them on the table. Click to see more great 80th birthday party decorating ideas!

You're sure to find loads of uses for these festive black and gold number 80 cutouts!  The 7" tall cutouts make fabulous additions to centerpieces.  You could also string them together to hang as a banner, dangle them from the ceiling, or tie them to balloon strings.

 Hanging Decorations

80th birthday party decorations - festive number 80 danglers are an easy way to add a bit of style to any 80th birthday celebration!

Add flair to your party with festive hanging decorations that feature the number "80".  Easy-to-use double sided danglers come ready to hang with 20" long accordian-cut hangers.

80th Birthday Balloons

What's a birthday party without balloons?  These festive black and gold balloons are colorful accents to any Cheers to 80 Years party theme!  You can get balloons filled with helium at Walmart, party stores, and most grocery stores.

Party Supplies

Make your party even more special by serving food and drinks in 80th birthday themed paper goods.

80th Birthday Wine Bottle Labels

Festive 80th birthday wine bottle labels make a great gift - or a wonderful addition to an 80th birthday party!

It's so easy to dress up your bar with these festive 80th birthday wine bottle labels!   You could also use the peel and stick labels to dress up plain vases.

Cheers to 80 Years Beer Bottle Labels

80th birthday beer bottle labels and carrier - Looking for a fun gift or party decoration for someone turning 80? These festive beer bottle labels are a great way to upgrade his favorite beer!

Impress your guests with these fun Cheers to 80 Years beer bottle labels.  Just stick the waterproof labels to your favorite beer bottles!  The set includes a handsome carrier, which could also be used for table decorations.

Personalized Placemats

80th birthday table decorations - deck the table out in style with these festive Cheers to 80 Years personalized placemats!

Add a touch of elegance to your table setting with these handsome personalized Cheers to 80 years placemats.

Black & Gold Tablecloths

You'll want to mix and match the Cheers to 80 Years party decorations with solid color party supplies for a cohesive look.  The Cheers to 80 years pattern looks fabulous with black or gold tablecloths, such as these from Amazon.

If you have different shaped tables, consider getting a plastic table roll, such as this one pictured below, that you can cut to different shapes and sizes.  You can also cut a length to create a super-easy photo backdrop!

Black & Gold Table Runners

Table runners are an easy way to add a touch of elegance to your tables.  They look stunning when paired with a solid color tablecloth!

Cheers to 80 Years Cake Ideas

The easiest way to decorate a cake is to simply write "Cheers to 80 Years" on any store-bought or homemade cake.   You could then draw a frosting picture of beer mugs, a wine bottle or glasses, or champagne and champagne glasses if you're artistic.  

If you enjoy molding chocolate, you could use this wine-bottle themed chocolate molding kit to add decorations to the cake.

If you'd like a 3-d cake, Amazon sells a wine-bottle shaped cake pan as well as a champagne-bottle shaped cake pan.   

One of the easiest ways to make an 80th birthday cake is to simply decorate any homemade or bought cake with an 80th birthday cake topper, such as the one pictured above from Amazon.    The topper also makes a thoughtful keepsake after the party is over!

80th Birthday Cake Toppers

Cupcake Toppers

80th Birthday cupcake toppers - Cheerful cupcake toppers are an easy way to add a fun accent to cupcakes.

Cupcakes are so trendy right now!  They look fabulous displayed on a cupcake stand by themselves, or as part of a cake and sweets display.  Bling out your cupcakes with these adorable 80th birthday cupcake toppers.

Photo Props

80th Birthday Photo Props - How cute is this personalized Cheers to 80 Years instagram frame party prop?

How cute is this instagram frame photo booth prop?  Your guests will love taking pictures of themselves...and you can personalize the hashtags.   The frame on Zazzle actually says Happy 50th Anniversary, but you can alter the heading to say anything you want.

Party Favors

Although not mandatory by any means, it's a thoughtful touch to thank your guests for attending by sending them home with a fun party favor.   Here are a few of my favorite Cheers to 80 years party favors.

80th Birthday Party Favors - Delight your guests with personalized party favors...a sweet thank-you and an elegant reminder of a marvelous 80th birthday celebration!

Beau-Coup is my top choice for unique, personalized party favors that are sure to impress.   They have a fabulous selection of wine glasses, champagne glasses and shot glasses that can be custom-made in loads of different designs.  

They also feature personalized cookies (I love the cartoon character cookies!)  and candy (personalized Reese's Cups, anyway?), as well as tea bags, cocktail mixes, and coffees.  Or you could choose totally unique gifts such as personalized playing cards, golf balls, poker chips and more.  They're definitely worth checking out!

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