80th Birthday Gifts for Women - 25 Best Gift Ideas for 80 Year Old Woman

80th Birthday Gifts for Women – 25 Best Gift Ideas

In a hurry? This list of the top 25 80th birthday gifts for women will help you choose the best gift quickly! Prices start at under $25, so you'll find great gift ideas for an 80 year old woman to fit any budget.

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80th Birthday Jewelry

80th Birthday Jewelry - Looking for an amazing birthday gift for an 80 year old woman? Delight her with this beautiful 80th birthday necklace!

The fashionable woman will love getting jewelry for her big birthday, but she probably doesn't want a necklace that screams "I'm 80!

Go for a more understated and stylish look, such as this "8 Rings for 8 Decades" necklace pictured above.  Striking necklace features her birthstone and comes on a personalized card with your own Happy Birthday message!

80th Birthday Pillows

80th Birthday Pillows - Looking for a unique gift for the woman who is turning 80?  Surprise her with a cute 80th birthday pillow!  #80thBirthdayIdeas #80thBirthday

At 80, your favorite woman deserves a chance to sit back and relax!  She'll feel  much more comfortable with a cute personalized 80th birthday pillow!

Zazzle offers over 90 adorable 80th birthday pillows - many can be personalized with her name and a loving message.

The perfect gift for the woman who is turning 80 who already has everything!

Funny 80th Birthday Books

Does your favorite senior have a sense of humor about aging?

Then consider getting her a book that pokes fun about growing older....after all, everyone deserves a bit of laughter on their birthday!

The Best Things in Life Friendship Candle

To warm her heart from the inside out, this inspirational candle holder features a textured copper lid and a loving message:

The best things in life are the people we love, the places we’ve been, and the memories we’ve made along the way.“

Reminding her of life’s greatest riches, it holds a warm tea light to fill her home with light and love.

Finished in a natural hue, this unique 80th birthday gift idea for her is sure to complement any home, and it arrives beautifully packaged with floral accents for a complete look.

Looking for an amazing birthday gift for 80 year old woman? Impress her with The New York Times Ultimate Birthday Book - every birthday front page for her entire life!

This best-selling 80th birthday book is a perfect way to celebrate a milestone birthday!

It includes every New York Times birthday front page from all 80 years.

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80th Birthday Blanket

Best Gifts for Women - Thrill Grandma, Mom or a special friend with this gorgeous personalized blanket.  Add up to 21 names or meaningful phrases to create a sentimental gift she will love - and use!

Warm her heart - and her body - at once with this gorgeous, super-snuggly blanket.

You can add up to 21 names or words to be printed in a heart shape.  Although it's shown above with loved one's names, many people add other words to the blanket that have special meaning to both the giver and the recipient.

It's a wonderfully useful way to honor a long-term friendship, a family, or both!

The Day You Were Born Plaque

80th Birthday Gifts for Women - Unique "The Day You Were Born Plaque" is a fun present for the woman who has everything!  Personalized canvas features trivia about what life was like 80 years ago.

An 80th birthday is a fabulous time for looking back at how much has changed over the years – and this affordable personalized gift  (around $40) is the perfect choice!

Striking keepsake plaque is personalized at the top with the birthday woman’s name and birth date.

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New York Times Front Page Puzzle

Looking for a fun 80th birthday gift idea?  Give them a puzzle that features The New York Times front page from the day they were born!

Help her bring history to life with this one-of-a-kind puzzle that lets her piece together The New York Times headlines from the day she was born.

An ideal gift for such a momentous occasion, it provides her with a fun activity and a timeless keepsake at the same time.

Whether she puts it together herself or with the aid of loved ones, she’s sure to enjoy watching the assembly of history with every connecting piece.

80th Birthday Flowers

For a milestone birthday like this, think beyond everyday bouquets and give one of these memorable floral gifts.

Personalized 80th Birthday Flower Vase

Personalized 80th Birthday Flower Vase - Add her favorite flowers to this beautiful personalized vase to create a memorable 80th birthday present any woman would love!

Every birthday girl should have flowers, and this sweet personalized vase is the perfect choice for this milestone day!

You can choose from 5 sentimental verses or create your own for an extra special touch.

For a gift that smells as sweet as it reads, fill the vase with her favorite flower to polish it off.

Illuminated Monet Floral Centerpiece

While most flowers fade with time, this handcrafted floral arrangment will last forever, providing you with a stunning way to celebrate your loved one’s special day.

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80th Birthday Gift Baskets for Women

80th Birthday Gift Baskets for Women - Delight your favorite senior with a special gift basket just for her 80th Birthday!

Gift baskets are delightful presents to receive at any age! GiftTree is my top choice for sure-to-please, top-quality 80th birthday gift baskets.

They have an amazing selection of gift baskets in all price ranges, ranging from around $25 for a birthday cookie gift basket picture here, to extravagant 80th birthday champagne gifts (think Krug and Dom Perignon) costing over $700.

Each of their gift baskets is artfully arranged and presented, and you can choose to add a personalized ribbon with your own Happy 80th Birthday message to many of the gift baskets.

No matter what your budget is, you’ll find the perfect gift basket or tower at GiftTree.

Story of a Lifetime Memoir Keepsake Book

Unique birthday gift for 80 year old - Delight your favorite senior with this striking memory keepsake journal! Elegant book features hundreds of questions designed to provoke memories, beliefs and wisdom gained from their life of experiences.

At 80 years old, your loved one certainly has a story to tell, and you can give her the gift of preserving her life’s account with this unique memory keepsake book!

A priceless gift for her and a family heirloom for future generations, it provides roughly 500 thought-provoking questions for her to answerand document her life.

A truly one-of-a-kind gift, it’s sure to draw happy tears as she walks down memory lane.

80th Birthday Coffee Mugs for Women

Anyone turning 80 can probably use a little jolt of caffeine to get going in the morning!

Make your favorite 80 year old lady smile each morning when she looks at this fun 80th birthday coffee mug.

A cute little gift on its own, or you could fill it with coffee, tea and a few treats to create a fun gift basket.

New York Times Your Special Day Book

Unique 80th Birthday Gift Ideas - Impress someone special with personalized New York Times book that features a reprint of The New York Times from the day they were born.

An 80th birthday is quite the milestone, and this newsworthy birthday book is the perfect gift for such a memorable occasion.

Celebrating this milestone event, it includes a reprint of The New York Times edition from the day she was born.

Sure to be a conversation starter, she’ll enjoy strolling down memory’s lane as she retraces the world events from her special day.

Available in 2 cover styles and 7 colors, it is personalized with her name and date for an elegant, one-of-a-kind gift.

Personalized Vintage Treasures Jewelry Box

Beautiful personalized jewelry box is a sentimental gift that is perfect for a woman turning 80!  Add your own poem or special engraving to create a unique gift she will treasure!

Perfect for the birthday star who appreciates a little vintage flair, this ornate jewelry box is a truly elegant gift with its beveled glass, detailed filigree and braided trim.

Add your personal touch by engraving the lid with your own loving 5 line message.

A beautiful gift that celebrates her as a true treasure in life!

Beauty of Friendship Personalized Clock

Looking for a sentimental 80th birthday gift for women?  Add your own loving message to personalized "Beauty of Friendship" lucite clock.

An 80th birthday is an excellent occasion to let someone know how much you’ve cherished their friendship over the years, and this heart-shaped clock helps you do that in a stunning way.

Crafted of brilliant, clear Lucite, it holds a silver-encased timepiece that reminds her of your friendship every hour of the day.

For a gift that’s made just for her, you can customize it with a laser-engraved message as well as a closing sentiment.

80th Birthday Picture Frame or Photo Album

Personalized 80th Birthday Picture Frame

You’re bound to take loads of pictures to commemorate her milestone birthday – and a personalized picture frame or photo album is a wonderful way for her to showcase those memories.

Personalization Mall has a wonderful pictures frame that can be customized with her birth date, age, name and nicknames. It’s available in 6 different colors, so it’s easy to find a color scheme that she loves.

They also offer a wooden 80th birthday photo album that can be engraved with her age and name. It holds up to 70 photos, so there’s plenty of room to store all the pictures from her celebration.

80th Birthday Wine Glass

Personalized Whole Bottle Wine glass - fun oversized wine glass is a great milestone birthday gift for any woman! Tailor the wine glass to any occasion by adding her name and a 3 line message.

You know your favorite 80 year old is aged to perfection, so toast her this birthday with a personalized wine blass that’s large enough to hold an entire bottle of her favorite wine.

Featuring a fun bubble design, you can customize it with her name and a sassy saying.

Whether she’s attending a party, hosting her own or enjoying an evening in, this oversized glass is the perfect way to celebrate her big day.

Perfect Gem Crystal Keepsake

Personalized 80th birthday gifts for women - Striking "Perfect Gem" crystal keepsake is a brilliant gift for the woman who has everything!

On her 80th birthday, highlight your loved one as the one-of-a-kind treasure that she is with this personalized crystal keepsake.

Breathtakingly brilliant, it features sculpted facets, which reflect light at every angle for a gift that will truly brighten her day.

Personalized with any title, 3-line message and closing sentiment, it will be a treasured piece of home decor that is just as meaningful as it is beautiful.

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80th Birthday Shirts for Women

Choice of Styles

80th Birthday Shirts for Women - Looking for a fun and inexpensive gift for 80 year old lady? Deck her out with a cute 80th birthday shirt or sweatshirt!

If you’re looking for an inexpensive and fun present, go with an 80th birthday shirt.

My top pick for fun birthday shirts is Zazzle , which offers over a thousand 80th birthday shirts for women.

Each of their shirts is available in several different styles and colors.

 Willow Tree Beautiful Wishes Figurine

Send loving wishes to your favorite senior lady with this sentimental hand-painted Willow Tree figurine.

The enclosure card features the beautiful message: "A gathering of beautiful wishes for you - love, health, happiness".

Personalized 80th Birthday Candy Jar

Personalized Candy Jar is a sweet birthday gift for the woman who is turning 80!

An 80th birthday calls for a candy-coated celebration, and this customized candy jar is the perfect place to store some sweet treats.

Not to be outdone by its contents, this personalized piece is even sweet on the outside with a precious design that includes her name and any 2-line message from you.

Personalized 80th Birthday Wine Bottle Label - Pink or Teal

Personalized 80th birthday wine bottle label...make someone's 80th birthday even more special by adding a personalized Happy 80th Birthday wine bottle label to their favorite bottle of wine.

For the lady in your life who improves with age, why not give her a gift that does the same?

Featuring a warm birthday greeting, this unique wine bottle label can be customized with her name as well as any 2-line messagefor a truly thoughtful keepsake.

Waterproof label is self-adhesive - just peel and stick to her favorite bottle of wine!

Personalized Fortunes of Longevity Silver Fortune Cookie

Unique 80th Birthday Gift for Female - Thrill her on her 80th birthday with this striking personalized Fortunes of Longevity silver fortune cookie!

Featuring a polished silver finish, this personalized fortune cookie is sure to send the right message with its customized fortune that includes her name and yours as well as a special message.

To complete the look, it is packaged in a genuine Chinese take-out box that features the symbol for longevity, which celebrates her long life and looks forward to the years to come.

A unique 80th birthday gift for a female, it is sure to become a treasured keepsake.

Because of You Personalized Keepsake

Personalized 80th Birthday Keepsake - a milestone birthday is the perfect time to let her know how much she means to you.  Personalized "Because of You" keepsake is a gift that she will treasure forever!

A perfect birthday gift for an 80 year old woman, this stunning Lucite keepsake helps you tell her just how much she means to you in a way that she’ll never forget.

Featuring a touching verse (write your own or choose from pre-written poems), you can customize it with her name at the top and a heartfelt note and the year at the bottom.

Scalloped edges and a special engraving process add to its elegance, creating an impressive tribute that she’ll cherish for years to come.

Personalized Special Friend Music Box

Personalized Special Friend Music Box is a sentimental 80th birthday gift idea that lets a special lady know how much you treasure her friendship.

For the friend who is the harmony to your melody, this classic music box is an excellent gift to celebrate her milestone birthday.

Handcrafted from mirrored glass, it features floral accents, a sculpted heart handle and a touching sentiment:

“To a Special Friend, I cherish our Friendship each and every day.”

For a complete gift, it includes a heartwarming poem and plays “You’ve Got a Friend” as a sweet, symphonic reminder of your treasured friendship.

Personalized "World’s Most Fabulous 80 Year Old"  Gifts

Choice of Styles

World's Most Fabulous 80th Birthday Gifts for Women  - Let her know that you think she's fabulous!  Choose from dozens of personalized gifts - prices start at under $15!

An 80th birthday is a fabulous time to let her know how marvelous she is, and these colorful personalized "World's Most Fabulous 80 Year Old" gifts are a delightful way to tell her.

Choose from over 200 gifts, including cards, magnets, mugs, clothing, iPad covers, water bottles, keychains, speakers and more.

Each gift is available in your choice of pink, purple or turquoise, and is personalized with her name.

Prices start at under $5.

What to Get an 80 Year Old For Her Birthday

Personalized 80th Birthday Gifts for Women

Personalized heart of love pillow is a wonderful gift for Mom, Grandma or another special lady  Add family names or meaningful words to create a unique present she'll love!

Make her birthday extra-special by giving her a gift that’s custom-made just for her! Personalization Mall is my favorite site for personalized gifts for any occasion.

They have an amazing assortment of top-notch personalized gifts in all price ranges.

You can add your own message and name to most of their gifts – and you’ll be able to preview your gift before you order it, so you’ll know exactly how it’s going to look.

For an 80th birthday, one of the most popular gifts is the adorable pillow pictured above. It features up to 21 loved one’s names repeated throughout the heart shape – a wonderful way to wrap yourself in a blanket of love!

Front Page from the Day You Were Born Gifts

New York Times Front Page Reprint from the Day You Were Born gifts...celebrate a milestone birthday with gifts that feature The New York Times front page from the day they were born.  Choose from books, puzzles, framed reprints and more!

A milestone birthday is always a time for looking back and reflecting upon the past.

Highlight the day she was born with a gift that features the front page from The New York Times from the day she was born!

The New York Times Store offers a wonderful assortment of front page newspaper gifts, with prices starting at under $35.

Some of the more popular gifts include a full-size reprint to be hung on the wall (pictured here), a jigsaw puzzle, and a t-shirt – all featuring her special birthday front page.

Family Tree Gifts

Family tree personalized blanket is a wonderful birthday or Christmas gift for Mom or Grandma!

Most women take enormous pride and joy in their family, so a family tree gift is a wonderful present that allows them to be surrounded by their loved ones, even if they are far away in miles.

Personalization Mall has a unique selection of family tree gifts, including the lovely family tree blanket pictured here that allows you to add up to 25 names.

What Are the Traditional 80th Birthday Gifts for Women?

Many people wonder what the traditional 80th birthday gifts are. There’s not an official list of birthday gifts by year, such as the ones for wedding anniversaries.

Customary birthday gifts such as flowers, jewelry and candy are perfect choices…the gifts above show you how to tailor those traditional gifts for an 80th birthday.

Funny 80th Birthday Gifts for Women

Funny 80th Birthday Gifts for Women

Does she have a sense or humor about growing older?

Then an 80th birthday gag gift is a choice that’s sure to leave her – and all the guests- laughing.

CafePress is the best place to look for 80th birthday gag gifts for women is 

They offer a wonderful assortment of gifts featuring funny sayings about growing older. Choose from shirts, hats, pins, stickers, balloons, cups, tote bags, and more – you can even get funny 80th birthday flip flops.

Prices start at under $5, so you don’t have to spend a fortune to make her laugh.

Helpful TIp

Birthday Cards for 80 Year Old Woman

Send her special birthday greetings to celebrate her big day!

If you need inspiration about to write in her birthday card, check out these clever 80th birthday wishes and quotes. You can also print free 80th birthday cards from that page as well.

Here are some popular 80th birthday cards for women that you can buy online:

Free 80th Birthday Reasons We Love You Book

Warm her heart by letting her know how special she is with this beautiful DIY 80th birthday gift!

Just click on the image above to download the free PDF.  Then just fill in the blanks with 80 reasons that she is loved!

It's a sentimental gift that she will treasure...or you could use it as a guest book for her party.

Click on the image above to download - the PDF will open in a new tab, all ready for you to print.

It's best to print it on on heavy card stock rather than regular printer paper.

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